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I only have a few moments to post so I'll just give you a short rundown. Right now we are at the tail end of our Youth Conference. It has gone so well and the kids have just loved it. We transitioned out of our youth "camp" to a "conference" here on our own campus. Next weekend though we are taking about 30 kids to the beach where we've had our youth camp for the last 15 years for a fun two night stay. We're trying to make this transition as easy and fun as possible. I am so tired however, my brain feels like mush! Kat's soccer team made it to the silver level of Oregon Premier Soccer. They are so excited! Kat got some decent playing time (like the header above...though it was going backwards...oh well. She actually had three headers that weekend and she's never headed a ball before). Anyways, it went well, but we hit the ground running in preparation for our conference which started Wednesday night and ends tonight. My garden is overgrown...weeds aren't too bad, but my squash and zucchini are giants and my tomatoes are pulling down their cages. The pumpkins are growing through the tomatoes. I have had no time to go out and pick anything!!! My tomatoes are green though heavy on the vine. I picked one ripe one yesterday. I'm hoping to can some beans and pickles on Monday. Oh, my cukes are huge too! I'm happy everything is yielding but bummed that a lot is going to waste because I haven't had time to get out to it. Life is busy, but it's good. I've had another internet company come out and do a site analysis and they say we have too many trees in the way. How sad...I'm not sure what we'll do. It is so hard for me to do anything without going and spending hours at the church on their internet. I know I have a few hours worth of ebay stuff to put on, and even then I can't check it regularly like I would at home...even if I was bidding...wonder if there's an ebay app for bidding.... Well, I'm signing off. We're going to dinner with the guest speakers! Talk to you soon. Hopefully I'll find time to visit with you all next week. With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. It sounds like you are so overwhelmed right now. Be sure to stop and "smell the roses". Nothing is worse than a burned out mommy. =) I am glad that you are enjoying your youth and your own children. Your soccer pics are always so good!
    Sending Hugs your way,

  2. Sounds like you have a lot on your plate. Just a gentle bit of advice here. Watch those cucs and squashes. When they get too big they shut the plant down and you lose production. Besides that the big ones are nothing but seeds inside and not good to eat. A large seedy cuc will make a mushy pickle. You could go pick them off and throw them out and then keep the plant producing that way so you can have nice tender veggies when you have more time.


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