Life Update

I'm sitting in our hotel room in Corvallis, Oregon and thought I'd take a few moments to post! I feel as though my brain has been fried from all the heat over the last few days. It has been in the mid 90's and we've spent the majority of it on the soccer fields. I have never been to Corvallis and I wish I had more time to explore. Corvallis and Albany are older towns and there are some really cute places. Today Kat and I went shopping in Corvallis and Albany. It was fun just hanging with her. The stores are so much older here than in Portland/Vancouver. It's almost comical. The Fred Meyer's here actually had an upstairs for their toys, restaurant and starbucks. It didn't matter, we still had fun. Kat's team is doing well. They are still in 2nd place and play in the semi-finals tomorrow at 9, then they'll either play in the finals or consolation games at 1:00. Despite the heat it has been a good weekend. It's been nice spending time with the parents on Kat's soccer team, and of course being with my family. We have friends at home staying at the house, staying cool and watering the yard and garden! The garden is doing great. We've been enjoying it immensely. I've made blueberry zucchini bread twice and it doesn't last long. The girls took their CAT tests and both did well. A little behind on a few things, but not much and nothing we didn't already know needed work! I'm getting ready to put a lot of books on eBay and praying they sell very well!! I still need to get looking at school for next year. I know a few things I'm going to use, but not everything and I really need to get busy. Seriously busy! Next week we have a youth conference so it will be very busy for me!! I'm speaking at one of the workshops on honor and running the product table. I'm actually getting a haircut and hopefully a new outfit (both of which I am in real need of). Because I can't post as often as I have, I feel very out of the loop and almost at a loss for words. I need to begin writing things on the side so that when I can post I have it ready to go. Well, I'm out of things to say right now, so I'll sign off!! Be blessed friends and I'll hopefully be back soon with more to write. With Joy UNquenchable,


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