If you could see me now!!! Game 4 is over and our girls lost. It was a tough but good game. We're not out yet but need to win their 1:00 game!

Hubby and Nan went to check us out of the hotel and guess where they left me? Come on, take a guess? In the parking lot sitting in a chair, saving our spot. Too bad I don't have a picture. I'm sure it's comical. I'm beginning to sweat (I almost typed swear)! I've done a lot of sweating this weekend. It's hot and I'm always hot! No one else seems to be sweating as much as I have!! Think I've lost a few pounds? Not to mention the fields are about a 1/4 mile from the parking lots.

Well hubby is on his way back. No one has gotten mad at me though someone just now said "are you really just sitting there saving that spot?" my answer "yes, I really am" they shook their heads and drove off! I wanted to say "what do you think I'm doing?" Hello!!!!

Alright off to the fields! Be praying for a win for us! We need it!!


  1. Drink lots of water friend! I got heat exhaustion this weekend. Wiped me out cold! I thought I was doing fine with keeping myself hydrated and cool, but when I dropped 4 pounds in 4 days, I should have gotten a clue. Drink the H2O. I've doubled my amounts now until it cools down a bit later in the week. Safe travels! Glad to hear they won and you won't have to play next weekend. :)


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