Has it Been that Long!!!

I cannot believe it has been over 2 weeks since I last posted (minus yesterdays review). Life has come on us full force and of course the whole internet issue keeps me from the flexibility of getting on at any hour. And I do believe it is not going to slow down any time soon. Maybe a little, but there is still so much I have to do. Hubby is turning 40 in two weeks, so I'm planning a party for that. Kat has a tournament this weekend (the last before regular season starts). I have not ordered any school books yet (yikes...I am so far behind). I did finally get all my old books plus some that a friend had given me on ebay, and I think they're doing decent. There are still several things that don't have bids and am hoping those get some soon. I'm not thrilled with the fees on ebay, but I get better pricing than anywhere else, so I'll suck it up! That just means this next week will be alot of running to the post office! We had an amazing youth conference. WOW! is all I can say. We had approximately 150+ in attendance (youth and adults) and we were so happy with the outcome. Last weekend we took a group to Ocean Park, Washington for three days and two nights. We have typically done a youth camp at this location but this decided to do a youth conference at our church. The beach weekend was a "fun" additive for our own youth group kids. It was amazing beach weather. Warm, not misty at all. Just amazing! We spent the whole weekend playing and having a blast together.
We always do a beach walk at Sunset. This year was beautiful!
My very strange daughter! We had a skit night. It's hilarious...she looks almost split in two.
This is a terrible picture, but I wanted to show you the shirt. We had these made by friends. I love them. They say "Happy Lives Here"
Nan doing the watermelon eating contest. The girl may be small (4'5 and 65 pounds), but did she chow that thing. I don't even know if she swallowed.
Hubby and I watched this little cutie (yah only his feet here) and his month old brother off and on while we were there so his mommy and daddy could play with the kids.
Kat collecting kelp for the sand castle building.
Nan! She actually lost her voice.
At the conference, 21 kids won a chance to ride in a limo to a fun night we had. They loved it.
Now we are home. Nan has a soccer boot camp this week and I'm trying to play catch up! Last week I canned some beans and bread and butter pickles. My garden is over grown with weeds, and I'm sad to say I really don't care. There's just so much going on, that it is just not a priority at the moment. I need to go out today and pick some cucumbers and probably some zucchini. My tomatoes are still green. There are so many on the vine and I really want to can them. We've enjoyed quite a bounty from the garden so overall I'm very pleased. My focus this week and next is getting ebay stuff out, the girls school ordered, hubby's party planned and keeping the house clean! And maybe have time to catch up with all of you!! Well, off to get some things done. I'll come back tomorrow....I hope!
With Joy UNquenchable,


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