What a Weekend

We just spent the weekend in Tumwater, Wa for the Kick in the Grass soccer tournament. This is the first time that we've gone out of town for a tournament and stayed the night, well, two nights exactly. Several of the team members stayed at a campground, but we knew it was in Kat's best interest to stay in a hotel where she wouldn't be tempted to stay up too late and she'd get some good sleep. A few of the other girls stayed in the same hotel as well so that was fun. Kat headed up early on Friday with one of her coaches, his daughter and another girl. We thought it would be fun for her to spend more time with some of the girls since she's new to the team. We drove up and arrived to the campgrounds at 9:30 that evening. Their first game was Saturday at 9:00 so we headed right to bed. They always need to arrive 45 minutes early for warm-ups so that can make for an early morning. Their second game was at 1:30. I took the girls to the campground so they could swim. We headed back to the hotel to get hubby and we met the team at a yummy pizza place that cooks their pizzas in a brick oven. Yummy! We enjoyed a canadian bacon and pineapple and BBQ chicken pizza. Oh Yum! They won both of their games on Saturday and Kat even scored!! They were scheduled to play at 8:00 Sunday morning and were also going to be in the championship game at 12:30 on Sunday. Before going to bed Kat and the other girls got together outside and decorated our cars (see above picture). They had a blast together. Sunday morning arrived and we headed to the field at 7:00...ugghhhh! I didn't even get my coffee. They won their third game. Kat got to play the entire game. She is not a starter on this new team and they were resting their starters for the championship game. It was really good for her to play that much and it really enabled her to shine and show what she has! I was so proud of her. They won the championship game, and for the life of me I can't remember the score. It was a tough game but the girls played hard and it paid off. Sometimes I get so irritated at refs. Ugghhhh! Kat again got some really good playing time. It was hot, it was sweaty but it was fun. Nan and hubby spent time throwing the football around and I got to know some of the moms a bit more. It's a challenge for me because I don't know any of them and breaking into friendships that are a bit established can be hard when you're the new parent on the team. We have a break from tournaments this weekend, but then head down to Corvallis Oregon possibly two weekends in a row for the Oregon Premier Qualifiers. These have been a bit tricky because finances are so tight right now, but I packed lots of snacks (we ate PBJ for lunch every day) and we ate with the team on Saturday. I'm attempting to load pictures onto our team website but Shutterfly is giving me some problems. I'm off to try one more time and then I'll head home. I have a recipe to post and hopefully some other updates in the next day or so. See ya then. With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. That is so awesome! Looks like Kat is fitting right in. I so know what you mean about breaking into a group of already established friends - ugggh! I'm sure you are fitting right in - don't be too hard on yourself :)
    I don't know how you survived without coffee!!


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