I feel like I'm digressing back to the Ice Ages (speaking of which...I really want to see Ice Age 3). Yesterday I canceled my internet service. I think I mentioned in my last post that we were feeling the pinch of finances. Seeing as our finances are tight and our internet hasn't been working even 50% of the time we decided that would be a good thing to cut. We will pick it up again in a few months. I'm telling you, it's like separation anxiety. Even though it caused me so much grief, I knew it was there should it decide to work. But bye-bye internet for now. All this means that I will not be able to daily post. I will use the churches internet as often as I can. Don't desert me dear friends. I'll still try to connect with you all somehow. I can read from my iphone, just not post! The other thing we've cut was groceries ($60 every two weeks), and some of our own personal allowance. Hopefully things will pick up in a few months and things will go back to normal. I spent about 3 hours early this morning in the garden. It was in desperate need of weeding. Working at the fireworks stand for a week straight during the daytime hours didn't leave me any time to weed. After doing a quick job of weeding (I mean there were so many I couldn't get them all), I planted 16 raspberry starts that someone gave me (whoo hoo). Then I watered and sprayed Miracle Gro on every plant. I'm hoping this helps out some. We've been enjoying lettuce in abundance and even some broccoli. I'm seeing signs of squash, zucchini, tomatoes and peppers. The beans are doing awesome. I still need to do some massive weed eating and spraying (later this weekend). Our grass is also coming in really nice (yeah). The girls are just about done with their testing (the CAT) test. Then we'll be done for the year. I need to start looking into next years books. Kat is at a tournament this weekend. Next weekend we travel up to Tumwater, Wa, and then a few weeks later down to Corvallis, Oregon. We'll stay in hotels both times. Well, I'm off to our Friday night Worship. I'll try to get another post in on Monday. Have a wonderful weekend friends. I'll try to stay in touch. Like I said...take advantage and check out my archives. With Joy UNquenchable,


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