Oh My Word!!!

Oh My WORD!! Or better yet I love the name of the blog "Oh my Stinkin' Heck"!!! Well, that's about how I feel right now. I have not been able to access the internet and thus have not been able to successfully post anything, or worse, visit any of you. At its worst, I could visit but couldn't comment. I mean, can you imagine? Here I am staring at your wonderful posts and all I can do is talk to my screen.."great idea", "this is what I do", because my stupid internet is so slow that it won't even open a comment screen. Uggghhhh. Not to mention our old car (which we took to get fixed), still isn't working. I need a shotgun. We are feeling the pinch of finances and thus are taking a cut in pay in order to be able to continue getting paid. That will make things tight, but we'll be fine. God's good and in His economy, the impossible is perfect. Our fireworks fundraiser was a success, but we are wasted. This 40 year old body easily put in 13 hours at the tent every day for 8 days, not to mention the hours before and after so I think that makes a 16-18 hour day for me for a week. I'm feeling it still. On Monday my family slept in till 10:00 and my family DOES NOT sleep that long. All the kids who helped hold signs letting people know where we were did amazing. They were full of energy and life and everyone thought they were great. They did endure some serious immaturity from some people. They were flipped off, sworn at, and some high school guy asked my daughter for her name, phone number and age. She said "You can't have my phone number and I'm 5"...LOL, she's 13, but she wasn't impressed at all!!!I was so tired that by the last day, I tried to scan a guys lemonade can...TWICE!! Thinking it was a fountain firework. Oh, brother. I really enjoy this fundraiser though because I like to talk to people and meet new people and see people that I don't often get to see. Because we were at the fireworks tent until 11:00 on the 4th (that needs to change next year, as in we need to find someone else to man it so we can enjoy it), we didn't celebrate. We sent our girls to a friends house where they swam, ate and blew things up. We purchased some fireworks and lit them off on Sunday night at my inlaws. We ate burgers, and played ladder golf, Hand and Foot and watched movies until it was dark enough to light off fireworks I was so excited to get back in the groove of life and blogging only to find that my internet at home is acting up again. So here I sit at the church before youth group typing away! I don't know when I'll get on again. I have another company scheduled to come out and give me a site analysis and see if it could be any better than what I've got now. So my blogging may be very sporadic for awhile. I have no clue what to write...I have no idea what to say, because my mind is a bit blank at the moment. Probably because I have so much going through my mind that I don't know what to start, but that would contradict my mind being blank now wouldn't it. My garden is growing slowly. The plan is to buy some Miracle-Gro tomorrow and see if that will work. I am finding small tomatoes, squash and peppers. I'm able to harvest some lettuce and my radishes, beets and carrots are finally coming up. My cukes are not faring well. Weeds are overtaking the rows and beds. Being gone for a week makes a huge difference. Guess what I'll be doing over the next few days? Kat has soccer tournaments over the next 3 weekends straight. Life is crazy, but crazy good. I'll leave you for now and hopefully post again in a few days. Be blessed and don't be strangers. Take advantage and browse my archives. With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Sounds like you folks have been hugely busy!

    Sorry about the Internet. What a frustration!

    I wonder why your garden is growing so slowly. Do you think it's lack of fertilizer or could it be the weather? That lettuce sure looks nice though.

  2. I've used Miracle Grow with good results. Sorry about the pay cut. No fun! We lost 1 day of daycare, putting me to 1 3/4 days a week, and my husband lost his work truck so that means our gas and maintenance will go up. All in all a hit of about $550 a month. Ouch. But like you said, God is good! We will be fine, but I am really sticking to every line item like glue and have had to cut my food budget. Not easy, but it can be done.

  3. Oh Kirstin, I am sorry you guys have been so overwelmed lately. I know how frustrating it can get, that is for sure. You are right, God will make a way for you all and things will look up. On a bright note, I'm glad the fundraiser went well for you guys. Enjoy Kat's soccer tourneys. I can't believe that they are still playing this late in the summer!

    My garden is not growing well either. I think a lot of it has to do with working the ground for the first time. We just tilled in our compost and some cow manure a couple of weeks ago and hope to see a better garden with our cool weather veggies.

    Take care,

  4. I think the issue with the garden is the lack of fertilizer. It's ground that has never been worked and it's clay. I did add some compost to it but I think I will need lots more work. I bought some miracle gro today so we'll see if it helps.

    I canceled my Internet service today. With pinching things tighter it didn't make sense to pay for something that rarely works. Funny how much I miss it even though it caused me so much grief. I will only be able to post if I go to the church or somewhere else. I can read and comment on my iPhone but not post.

  5. I enjoyed reading your blog..I also saw the pictures of your kids playing Ladder golf ..Hope you and your Kids enjoyed the Ladder golf game and the fireworks too..It is game for all ages...


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