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I'm telling you, not having internet at home is not a fun thing. It really isn't. Right now I'm sitting on a couch in one of the upstairs rooms at the church while my girls are downstairs at VBS. Kat is a helper and Nan is a participant. I've been trying to do some editing on Nan's soccer website and am having a bit of a tricky time figuring something out. Over the weekend Kat had another tournament in which they again placed second. They played very well and played some tough teams. They had two games Friday, one on Saturday and two on Sunday. Kat felt like she played her best games on Sunday. This next weekend we travel North about an hour and a half away for another tournament. I'm so glad we are only doing this for one summer (unless we do next summer before she goes into High School, but she might be too old). I missed Friday's games because Nan really wanted to play in an open session of indoor soccer (she does this every Friday), so we stayed home so I could take her to that. I went to Saturdays, but missed Sundays so Nan and I could be at church. We'll miss next Sunday and then another Sunday a few weeks after that for tournaments. Yesterday hubby's parents came over and we had breaded chicken, mashed potatoes, and fresh salad from the garden. It was so yummy. Now we did have a bit of a fiasco! I had made some hard boiled eggs, but apparently they weren't hard boiled enough so my MIL peeled them, put them in a bowl, covered it with a plate and decided to microwave them. She checked them after a time and put them back in the micro for another minute. After about 10 seconds we heard a bang and there inside the microwave were eggs strewn everywhere and my glass bowl broken. We opened the door and egg fell out onto the stove. It was so funny, all we could do was laugh. Of course, there went my eggs for the salad and it took awhile to get it cleaned up, but it was funny. Later in the evening my MIL played a game of Hand and Foot (I lost.....again), the girls watched a movie and America's Funniest Videos and Just for Laughs, and made Homemade Apple Pie Ice Cream, made in the Vitamix. Yum!! They later tried to make peanut butter chocolate but my Vitamix kept overheating, so this morning they made a milk shake with the remains. I'm not sure what is wrong with the Vitamix....this morning it would mix it well either. I'm going to try it with a regular smoothie and if it doesn't work, I'll take it in. This week is VBS for 3 days. Tomorrow Nan and I and a friend are going to the zoo. Kat would love to go, but has dance practice and a house she cleans so it doesn't work. Hopefully the weather will clear up (it's been raining) and I can get outside to do more weeding, plant a few more things and mow our new grass. I'm taking advantage of being at the church during VBS to go online. I need to research school resources for next year. I also hope to take some time to catch up with all of you! With Joy UNquenchable,


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