Crazy Day!

Talk about crazy days! Yesterday was one of them. The girls had VBS yesterday and then I had planned to take Nan to the zoo with some friends because it was the second Tuesday of the month and our Oregon Zoo offers admission for$2 a person. Whoo hoo, we thought we'd take advantage of that deal...well, so did the rest of Washington and Oregon! We left around 11:45 and headed for Portland. We got about 1/2 mile from the zoo exit and hit traffic....guess where the traffic was going? Yep...the zoo. That's okay, we thought, we'll do it anyways. We finally got in and found a parking place (after driving around the sign that said parking lot full (there's always somebody leaving)...we headed for the gates. "oh, that doesn't look too bad" we said. A second later we heard "if you just came up, the line is to your left and up the hill. That didn't sound good. We all turned and sure enough winding up the hill was a line in which the end was not in sight. I kid you not, it was probably over a mile long and growing. We figured we'd be in line at least an hour and we had to be home by 5:00. We opted to ditch the zoo, pay full price another time (actually we're going to try for September 8th...after school starts). One of our local theaters offers movies all the time for $3. They are movies that are no longer in the theaters but not yet on video. We went and watched Monsters Vs. Aliens. It was pretty cute. From there we headed home only to be greeted by more traffic due to a jackknifed truck and cargo trailer. We got a pretty good laugh. Hubby informed me that there will be no salaries for the month of July due to finances. WOW...but my first thought was "Okay God, the impossible is perfect for you". The verses went through my mind "he will not leave his children begging for bread", and " though the fig tree fail to blossom...yet will I praise Him". Our VBS worship team wrote a song that says "don't worry, about a thing, cause every little thing, is gonna be alright". That's right!! Every little thing will be alright. No need to worry or fret. Later that evening I was talking to my MIL on the phone and getting some salad ready for hubby when I dropped a small glass bowl and it proceeded to shatter everywhere. I had to throw out the salad and it took quite awhile to clean up...All I could do was laugh. Plus my MIL had informed me that she had locked her keys in the car at Costco and was waiting for my FIL to show up and let her in. My garden is producing. I'm noticing peas, and I'll be able to pick some zucchini tomorrow or tonight. Yippee. I'm going home today to weed and also make some zucchini bread for our neighbors. I'm going to take them a loaf and a thing of homemade jam as a thank you for letting us use their brush hog to mow our property. Well VBS is over so I need to run downstairs and get the girls. With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. I love that you laughed at some of those mishaps! I do that, too, but usually when I am not supposed to be :)
    I love your attitude - keep on praising Him because He is able to ... !

  2. hey fun update

    we're up here at the Adidas CUP

    play 2 games tomorrow too

  3. Sandy...our girls won both their games today, and kat scored one goal..I was so happy I almost cried...she really needed that being on a new team.

    They play tomorrow at 8:00 and then the championship game is at 12:30. Long weekend....wheeew. We're in corvallis two weeks from now!


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