Works for Me Wednesday: Homeschool Testing

I realize this post will not apply to everyone, but it's what came to mind as I was trying to think of what works for me. Am I the only one who sometimes has a hard time thinking of something that works for me? I hope not. So, anyways. I live in Washington State and our homeschool laws aren't as tough as in other states. One thing that is required is that once children reach 3rd grade, they need to be tested. Many homeschool groups set aside a certain time each year to test. I have never joined a homeschool group. There is only one that I know of in our small town and I wasn't going to travel 30 minutes to get to any others. I just never felt a desire to join and we just don't have time. However I did contact them, asking them to let me know when they were testing so I could get my oldest signed up (this was several years ago now). They never called. I was at a loss. That is until a friend of mine told me about this company.....Family Learning Organization. Through this company I can order the CAT test and administer them myself, then send them back to the company to be graded. They then send us the results. I have found that they seem very accurate (as in, the subjects they may have scored lower in were ones we knew they needed work in). I like testing this way for a few reasons. I don't necessarily believe testing to be a wonderful way of gauging what we know. I for one was not a good test taker, I would just blank. Add to this the pressure of taking a test with a bunch of other people and it's timed can add to the pressure. No, I'm not looking for an easy out for my kids...we still time our test obviously. But this just works better for us. FLO tests are also a full battery test so they are tested on all subjects, which as a homeschooling parent I want to know how they are doing all around as opposed to just the minimum requirement on some tests. You can order test prep books as well, and even choose the dates you want to test. They are quick to deliver and the turnaround for results isn't that long. This works for us!! Head over and visit Kristen for more great ideas. With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Wow that is indeed a good deal. You kow, I may be wrong but I think Oregon has a law tha the tests have to be done by someone who is certified to give the tests. Im almost sure about hat. Its just another reason to avoid Oregon and its homeschool laws!

  2. Kirstin I use FLO too. In fact I am waiting for Sarai's test to get here. Raunwyn was tested with a local group, its about the same cost and she 'likes' it, so I let her. Sarai doesn't do well in a big group, so I use FLO and will for Noah next year too. They are great and I love supporting their business! I also love that I can give it to her - not some stranger. :)


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