Works for Me Wednesday: Geo-caching

It's a SPECIAL Edition of WFMW. It's the "Mom, I'm bored" summer edition. How many times have we as parents heard that phrase? My girls are older now (13 and 10) and sometimes it gets a little trickier to find things for them to do. Hopefully I'll find some ideas out there for their ages. One thing I want to try this year is Geo-caching.
Geocaching is a high-tech treasure hunting game played throughout the world by adventure seekers equipped with GPS devices. The basic idea is to locate hidden containers, called geocaches, outdoors and then share your experiences online. Geocaching is enjoyed by people from all age groups, with a strong sense of community and support for the environment.
I don't have a GPS, but I did download an application for my i-phone. I mean what kid, or adult doesn't like a good treasure hunt. I have a few friends who have done it and their families love it. The hunts can be short and sometimes in a parking lot, or out in the woods that takes quite a hike to find. I can't wait to try it. Head over and visit Kristen at We are That Family for more summer ideas. With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. So glad you're going to give this a try! We have loved it and I hope that you do, too!


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