Mary, Mary Quite Contrary...How Does Your Garden Grow?

It's growing very well, thank you! I've been wanting to do a post on my garden but time and my internet have kept me from it. I am so far pleased with the results. I did not start anything from seed indoors like my friend Mrs. Darling, whose garden is coming along amazingly. I would like to start them someday, but I really do not have a place that offers adequate lighting at the moment. In our next phase I should, or maybe I can talk hubby into a little greenhouse. It's been a fun journey of discovering ways to make this garden in clay work this year. So far, so good. I have added a planting compost to the beds, which has helped significantly, but the rest of the garden will continue to need work (as will the beds). I don't dare go out into the garden when it's wet, unless I have the right shoes on (which I don't own), because I slip and slide!! Weeding is a bit tricky, but I'm able to keep up with it to a fair degree (except where all the bulbs are planted. I have my trusty tool that I love to use, but don't want to accidentally dig up some bulbs and tubers, so I'm kind of just weeding that when I have time. Sad, I know.
cabbage or broccoli (a friend gave me several of each but the labels were gone) and peas.
My zucchini, yellow squash, corn (white, yellow and a red), beans (green, wax, and purple), peas, cucumbers (slicing and picking, and lemon) are all coming up beautifully. The tomatoes, onions, lettuce and pepper plant that I bought as starts are doing great as well. My beets, carrots, lettuces and radishes weren't doing a thing so I re-planted on Monday. I'm thinking I may have planted them too deep. I still want to buy potatoes, a few more pepper plants, plant some more gourds and fill a half barrel with herbs. Then I think I'll be done for this year. Oh, I've also planted several varieties of dahlias (given to me by friends, and my favorite flower), glads and irises.
I'm calling this year my trial year since it has been at least 6 years since I've had a garden. In the future I plan to add berry bushes and vines as well. I'd love to also add some raised beds for strawberries and other plants. But that can wait for another year.
Yummy corn!
I am eagerly waiting to use all that the garden produces. I've been saving jars and need to go purchase some more. Strawberries are in season so in the next week or so I'll be making my freezer jam and freezing bags of sliced berries, as well as buying another box or two of frozen blueberries from our local farm (since all I do is freeze them anyways, this ended up being a much better deal for me and my time).
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Kirstin- The garden is looking great!! Makes me excited for next year! I am glad that I have another person to ask for garden help!

    Too cute about what Hannah said. I consider that a wonderful compliment-since I know how honest little kids can be!:)

    Pekay enjoyed your girls. They were both so sweet, caring and willing to play with Pekay! Such loving, sweet girls they are!

    I hope to post about our trip...we will see...better late than never.

    Well, chat with you later!

  2. very nice......lots here are like postage stamps....i'm a little envious of all the green and space.

    enjoy :)

  3. I know I am not supposed to be jealous but... I am! :) We are unable to have gardens here on post and I so desire to have one. I have planted some potted tomatoes. I have to can some this year! Best of luck to you and your garden. It looks wonderful!!!

  4. Kirstin it's all looking so wonderful! I've never planted a large grden before this year and the dirt here is less than desirable, so we are really working over time for our garden this year. I look farward to watching it all grow and progress.

    Have a great weekend,


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