Kitchen Tip Tuesday: Meatball Tip

While my grandma was visiting recently we made homemade ravioli (see this post). You can't have raivioli without meatballs. She was in charge of making the meatballs and as I watched her, I couldn't believe how nice they looked. I mean, when I make meatballs they are anything but round and pretty. Here's her key: After you have mixed your meat mixture, coat your hands with a bit of olive oil. She put some olive oil in the pan she was going to cook the meatballs in, then just dipped her hand in it. Once her hands were coated she took some meat mixture and rolled it into a perfectly smooth meatball. She bakes her meatballs in the oven until they are "just" done, then she drops them in the spaghetti sauce for awhile. They longer they sit in the sauce the more tender and infused with the sauce they become. Head over and visit Tammy at Kitchen Tip Tuesdays for more great ideas. With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. I'm going to give this a try, my meatballs always look like they've been in some sort of horrible accident *L*

  2. sounds like a great idea...I dont make meatballs much, but I will try it the next time I do, I usually keep my hands wet with water, while I do will try the OO


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