She Arrived

My Grandma Finally arrived. The girls and I got to the airport early and her plane was delayed so we browsed the shops. There were so many cute things and honestly some were not that expensive at all. If I was thinking about it, I would have taken pictures. I also left my camera in the car (so much for taking pictures at the airport as my grandma arrived). The girls were so excited. They kept asking what she was going to look has been 2 years since they saw her. Honestly....she looks the same! Oh how I hope that aging comes from our mothers side of the family. After we retrieved her baggage we headed home, stopping off at my inlaws so she could see them and my hubby (who was there helping them paint their new house). My sister arrived and then we headed home to our house for spaghetti and garlic bread. We sat on the porch while the kids played outside and just enjoyed company. I had asked my grandma where in Italy her parents and my grandpa's parents were from...Her parents were from Naples and Sicily. My grandpa's parents came from Bruzzi (sp?). How fun to know history! We looked through old pictures which I'll have to post sometime.
My grandma with my nieces, nephew and my girls
My sister left around 9:00 and we stayed up a little longer. Today I think we plan on staying around here and then going to watch soccer and t-ball games. We may go help my mother in law if we need to. Well off to start the day! With Joy UNquenchable,


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