Grandma's Visit

I have been wanting to do a post on my visit with my grandma for sometime but life happens and I haven't gotten around to it. Tonight I returned home from a meeting at about 8:30, the sun was beginning to set, the birds were singing their final songs for the evening and my garden needed watering. Oh, and it was so pleasant outside (not hot, but not too cool). I decided it was a perfect time to post. I got the sprinkler set up, cut up some watermelon for hubby and Nan, made myself a cup of coffee in my new French Press (a friend gave it to me last week, and it makes one perfect cup of coffee). I may regret the coffee later but it sounded so wonderful. I then sat down with my trusty computer on my back porch, and here I am typing away. Now, it's beginning to get darker, the bugs are coming out and I may mosey on into the house here in a few short moments, but I do enjoy the peacefulness of my property and my porch. I AM NOT liking the little No-See-Um's that keep buzzing around my ear. On to the purpose of this post! I love my maternal grandmother. She is one of the most amazing ladies I know. My mom was just like her and since I'm so much like my mom it must mean I'm like her too. That makes me one proud woman. My grandmother is Italian. Though born in the states to Italian parents who were born in the states, the Italian blood runs all the way through. I love that too! She is one of 5 children and she had 5 children. I love my aunts and uncle, even though I don't see them often as they live across the U.S. We grew up in Lorain, Ohio with family gatherings always going on. Recently (okay, probably a year or so ago) my hubby was watching a DVD that was put together of my great grandparents. He said "boy, you guys had a lot of family reunions", to which I replied "those weren't reunions, those were just going over to grandma and grandpas house". My family moved to the West Coast when I was in 4th grade. It was a good thing, but I do miss the opportunity to be around family more.
My "Ma" and I at what I believe is "Lakeview Park" in Lorain, Ohio in front of the huge Easter Basket. It also has a
I've always loved my heritage and always loved visits from my grandma and grandpa (who passed away in 1993), whom we called Ma and Bapa. It probably would have been Nana and Bapa but as a young girl I could not understand why everyone else called her Ma and I couldn't. I apparently rebelled and "Ma" it was.
My Ma and my mom!
Two years ago we went to Florida to visit my grandma and this year she made the trip West for 2 weeks. I was so excited I could hardly contain myself. Here was my 80 year old grandma coming to visit me. Can I say that I hope aging comes from the mothers side because my grandma looks amazing!!! We spent so much time just talking. Talking about life, about family. She told me stories of when she grew up, stories of when my mom was growing up, stories of me growing up. I loved and savored every minute of it. We took her to the beach for 3 days (see this post). My cousin, his wife, my sister and her kids and my dad all came down the first weekend to visit. We enjoyed a yummy BBQ dinner and a bonfire in the evening. I haven't seen my cousin in 5 years so it was wonderful to be with him, his wife and their super cute daughter.
We bonfired, eating yummy smores. Like how my daughter is dressed?
We also took a day trip to Multnomah Falls and Crown Point. It was a beautiful day and a wonderful time.The views from Crown Point. The above picture of the girls and my "Ma" was also taken at Crown Point.
Below: Beautiful Multnomah Falls, which I believe is the second highest waterfall in the US. The legend behind the falls is interesting.
Hubby and the girls hiked to the top. It took them 45 minutes total.
While hubby and the girls sweated it out hiking to the top of the falls, Ma and I sat at the bottom sipping hot White Chocolate Caramel mochas and chatting.
After their long, tiring hike, we ate in the restaurant. View from the french doors. Yummy food!
Espresso stands are not something found no every corner in Florida and we frequented my favorite local stand often (Red Leaf Organic Coffee). We visited our local nursery, ran errands, we looked at old pictures and reminisced. It was a wonderful, wonderful visit. We finalized it with making homemade ravioli on Tuesday. On Wednesday my dad, sister and her kiddo's came down for more ravioli, stuffed shells, yummy bread and a fun visit. Thursday morning arrived bright and early and I drove my "Ma" to the airport. She told me I could just drop her off at the door, but I said "NO WAY, I CANNOT just drop my grandma off at the door! " I made sure she was situated inside before I left. I fought back tears. I was going to miss her terribly. We are planning a trip to Florida next spring. And now almost 2 hours after I started this post, I'm finishing it...obviously not outside With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. I havent been to crown point in over 25 years! I need to go again!

    Loved this post of your grandmas visit. And those old photos- how charming.

    YOu are blessed!


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