Beach Trip

I have not been around this last week. I'm sure the thousands of people who read my blog missed me terribly (LOL). We have had a full week with lots going on. My grandma arrived last Thursday from Florida. I think she brought the weather with her because it has been absolutely beautiful here and has been raining so hard down in Florida. My sister came down Thursday night after my grandma arrived and visited for a few hours. On Saturday she came back along with my cousin and his wife and daughter. We spent the day on the back porch visiting and watching the kids play. My cousin stayed through Monday which was wonderful because I have not seen them since my mom passed away 5 years ago. Their daughter is adorable! On Monday my family (hubby and girls) took my grandma to the Oregon Coast for 3 days. We went to Lincoln City, which is a fun little beach town. We also hit the neighboring towns of Depoe Bay and Newport. The weather was amazing. Often times on the west coast, the weather is cold and rainy. We had a little bit of rain on Tuesday but not enough to keep us inside. We arrived on Monday and fell in love with our condo. It had been recently remodeled and we loved it. After settling in we headed out to Depoe Bay to browse the shops and see if we could spot some whales (no luck there). We went back to the hotel for a dinner of taco salad and then to swim in the pool. Hubby took the girls down to the beach to play. We watched TV and played cards before heading to bed. Nan had a goal of wanting to find a glass sea float. In this particular beach town, between October and Memorial Day, "Float Fairies" put glass floats along the beach for beach combers to find. If you find a float, you then call the visitor center and register your float. They then send you information on who made the float, etc.. Check out THIS story. She went out both Tuesday and Wednesday morning, but unfortunately didn't find any. The adventure made it worth it. On Tuesday it rained off and on, but we headed to Newport anyway. We browsed the shops, watched the Sea Lions and ate lunch at a little hole in the wall fish market. The food was fresh and so good. I ate half a crab and a large prawn that was stuffed with crab and cheese and breaded. Oh my..I was in heaven. I love seafood. We headed back to the condo and hubby took the girls down to the pool. My grandma and I spent time just visiting and watching cooking shows.
Fish Market where we ate a wonderful lunch..
Lunch at South Beach Fish market
Wednesday we headed home, but first stopped at the Tillamook Cheese Factory. It is pretty amazing how cheese is made. We watched workers package several varieties of cheese before heading down to sample some cheese curds, and a few varieties of Sharp cheddar. We browsed the gift shops and ate lunch. We couldn't leave without having some Tillmook Ice Cream (YUM-O). My grandma bought me the cutest measuring spoons with measurements of (Tad, Dash, Smidgen, pinch and drop). How cute is that!! Once we arrived home, we unloaded, did some laundry and relaxed. Well, Nan and I went to youth group and hubby and Kat had to go to a soccer team meeting (more on that later), so my grandma stayed home and relaxed. Yesterday we drove up to my dads new house to visit. My grandma is spending a few days there. My sister lives about 6 miles from my dad so we visited with her too. The girls and I left around 5:00 to head home. We stopped to get some water and use the bathroom at a store and when I looked in the mirror my mouth dropped open. I had gotten a little too much sun. I wasn't even thinking about sunscreen, which was really dumb of me. I will not forget to wear it today!! So our week as been busy but very fun. My internet has been slow and so posting isn't just a quick thing I can do at any moment which makes me very sad!! Today I plan to plant my garden. I need to run down to the local nursery for some planting compost and a few more seeds. Then we'll come home and plant, plant, plant!! Hopefully I'll post more later or tomorrow on that. Tomorrow hubby and a friend are cutting some trees on the property so I may be busy hauling trees!! Have an amazing Memorial Day Weekend. We will be spending it doing work around here. I'm posting a slide show of our beach trip. I figured it was the easiest way to show you all our pics.

With Joy UNquenchable,


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