Works for Me Wednesday: Sharing your harvest

We just moved into our new house in November and I'm so excited to have my first garden in years. I'm also excited to begin thinking about landscaping, though mostly I will designate a spot in my veggie garden for anything I buy until we're ready to landscape. 
Plants, however can be spendy and when there is no budget for plants or landscaping, well, that can pose a problem for a plant lover! One thing I learned from my mom was to "share". She was always sharing starts of her plants and seed pods with others. I got several hostas from her one year. 
The older lady we lived with while building our home has a beautiful yard full of plants that "propogate" themselves and she has been generous enough to be willing to "share" some of her starts with me. Last year she potted two "extra" lilac bushes for me and I went and got them this week. I hope to go down and get some other starts as well. Even seeds pods are great to share. She has some herbs and a variety of other plants and shrubs. 
Once I get my own stuff going I'll "share" as well. I already plan to share some of my produce from my garden with others. 
"Sharing" works for everyone and it's so nice to look at a plant, flower, shrub or tree and be able to have a face to put with it. 
Pop over to Kristens for more great ideas.
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  1. sharing is great when it comes to gardening. we have an organic garden farmers market here in the area and they do a share swap. its pretty neat. if I had any seed or plantlings I would totally share but this year will be my first (hopefully) successful garden, unlike last year!

  2. Sharing is actually one of my most favorite things with gardening. In the spring us neighbors share little perennial starts, we share the vegie harvest all summer, and more perennial starts in the fall. It's great!

    Love your beautiful spot here with all the darling photos.

    Kristin K (and the name:)

  3. We had a sweet little herb garden last year and loved taking fresh basil to neighbors. They loved it too.

  4. I need more gardeners in my life. I rarely get the chnace to share abd rarely have I been the recipient of plants. Im sad! :)


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