A Day Like Today

I have dreamt of a day like today. A warm day, the sun shining, where I am sitting outside on my back porch enjoying the warmth and slight breeze and blogging on my laptop. Sigh....it's wonderful! For the last 2 1/2 years I've dreamt of doing this (I believe my hubby thinks I'm a bit nuts!) I can hear tractors and mowers working away. In fact one came and worked in my yard today and there's another sitting waiting to clear some ground tomorrow. It seems we just moved in and we're already going to break ground on the next phase. Wow! God needs to do some seriously miraculous providing for us to get done what we want to get done. 
The next 4 days are supposed to hit into the 70's with beautiful sunshine. I'm taking my girls and my niece to the local bulb farm to get some pictures. My MIL wants to enter my niece into a beautiful baby contest. After those four glorious days we're supposed to head back down into the 50's and have rain. Welcome to Maritime Northwest!!
As I mentioned above, today a neighbor came by and tilled up two spots for us. One being my garden spot and the other a patch in the front where we're just going to throw some grass seed. We just want to have some type of grass that can actually be played on and sat on.
My garden area is rather large, but that's okay. I hope to plant not only vegetables, but flowers and herbs as well. I know it will be a lot of work to keep up, but  I think I can do it. 
Do you know that God loves to answer our thoughts? He really does. Yesterday I was cleaning house and thinking out loud. I said "Lord I'd really love some flowers for my house". I had been meaning to pick some forsythia by my mother-in-laws but kept forgetting. A few hours later my mother in law called and asked if she could stop by. She stopped by and brought me some beautiful roses. Later that evening we had some young adults over and one of the gals walked in with some "baby" daffodils (I can't remember what they're called)...I was so excited!
This morning Kat and I left church after worship because she was going to play in an indoor soccer game. This is the day you want to play in an outdoor game. But she did great, scoring two goals and playing hard. She received a nice raspberry on her knee after doing who knows what and ending up sliding on whatever it is they use for indoor soccer! Both girls love playing indoor soccer. It's fast, it's exciting, they get to slam into walls, gee, what more could you ask for. 
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. My best friend in Portland loved the weather today, too. Glad you had a beautiful day and got to sit on your porch. I have that dream of my first cup of coffee after moving into the house - I don't even care where it is! LOL

    Enjoy your garden - looking forward to pictures as it grows. I decided not to put in a garden this year because we are going to be gone most of the month of May.

    ps - so funny - the word verification is "yoccer" :)


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