Works for Me Wednesday: Sinus congestion solution

Okay, this is a rather weird post because, well, how often do we just talk about nasal irrigation? Yah, that's what I thought. BUT....two weeks ago I was hit with a nasty, and I mean nasty head cold. It literally just took me out. I functioned, but barely. I slept upright on a chair in my living room just so I could actually breath. Normally I have no problem pushing through colds and still getting everything done that needs doing, but not this time. It was a hassle to talk because I was so stuffed up, and eating was impossible since I couldn't smell, or even chew without having trouble breathing.
Then my solution came. I missed youth group that Wednesday due to being sick and my hubby was talking to a gentleman about my head cold. That gentleman promptly goes to Walgreens a few towns away and comes back with a bottle of a solution and a bulb syringe (or whatever it's called). He tells my hubby to have me irrigate my sinuses with it. When my hubby came home, he told me this and my first thought was "okay, that's just weird". But at that point I was willing to try anything. I irrigated my nose twice that night and then again in the morning. By the next afternoon I could once again breath and sleep in my own bed. 
The solution was called Alkalol. It's very natural and not at all irritating (at least not for me). The first night I was still a bit stuffed, but I did notice a difference and I think it cleared me up quicker. The solution said to use 1 Tsp. per 8oz. of water, but I might use a bit more if I need to use it again. 
While weird, it worked for me and I'm so glad. Head over to We are THAT Family for more great ideas and tips.
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  1. Ok I am with you and thought this stuff was so weird! I even saw a link to how to irrigate you nose on You Tube ( I found it on someone's blog???). So I tried it also, my's weird, it's gross, and IT WORKS! :)

  2. I haven't used this one, but we regularly irrigate our sinuses with a sinus rinse. My husband had been doing it for a long time, and when I got a most horrible sinus infection, he finally convinced me to try it. I was a bit scared to do it...I hate ANYTHING in my nose! But I did it, and it was amazing! Now when I feel a little bit of pressure coming on, I use it and seems I've headed off any more infections. The Netti Pot is a common one...what we use is the same concept, but not that brand.
    I'd be careful using more of the solution though...with ours, it comes in packets and it says it is formulated to match the ph balance in our bodies or something like that, and using more could cause burning. I'm not saying don't...just be careful with increasing the amount. If I'm having a lot of sinus issues, I just use it more often. Usually once a day works for me (not every day...just when I need it), but sometimes 2 or 3 times a day is necessary. I love the stuff now...weird or not! LOL!

  3. I don't know about the solution you're using, but nasal irrigation is GREAT! I bought a kit at Walgreens that comes with these salt packets and you mix it with warm water and off you go. It's fantastic... my doctor says it's like a massage for your nose... I don't know that I'd go that far, but it does feel good.

    I had to start doing that about a year ago because I'd gotten addicted to nose spray - not that bad, but I'd gotten to a place where I couldn't stop using it without getting severe congestion. So nasal irrigation did the trick!


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