Works for Me Wednesday: Outlet Shopping & a laundry question

I'm a huge fan of shopping at outlet stores; From grocery outlets, to clothes outlets and thrift stores, I love them. Why? Because I love getting more for my money. Now, if I had an unlimited amount of money I'd have no problem spending $60 on a pair of problem at all. But at the moment I'm limited, so I'd rather get a pair of jeans, a shirt, maybe a pair of shoes and accessories for that amount. 
I regularly shop at the Grocery Outlet in town. There I find amazing deals on cheese, cereals, and often toiletries and other goodies. They often carry organic cereals that elsewhere would cost me almost twice as much. I buy Panda Puffs for my girls at our local Winco for 1.99 and Penguin Puffs at the grocery outlet for 1.54. At Safeway, those cereals are $4.00 a box! Yikes!!!
The other day the girls and I went to some outlet malls a little ways north of us. We happened to stop at the Bath and Body Works Store. Oh, my goodness. Look what we got! Want to know how much we spent? I thought so...$17.?? (I can't remember the change). I came home and added up all the "regular" prices. If we had bought these items at full price we would have spent $68.00. I hardly ever shop at Bath and Body Works, even though I love their stuff. The little bottles of lotion in the picture (paid $.49 each...regular $5.50), everything else was $1.99, except the bag which was $4.99, regular $15.00 .  It was fun going and buying things to pamper ourselves with. We don't get to do that very often and my girls are at an age where they love it. Sure I used my clothes money for it, but they were worth it. 
Yep, gotta love outlet shopping! It definately works for me. Head over to We Are THAT Family and see what other tips Kristen and other Contributors have posted. I'm heading over there right now.
 I didn't realize it was a backwards day so here's my question: What is your favorite brand of laundry detergent? I have been using a generic brand for years, but with our new water (it's well water but has a lot of minerals and has to be treated) it doesn't seem to be making things smell as fresh, especially towels. So any tips you have for fresher smelling laundry would be appreciated.
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. i used arm and hammer and then sun powder happily for a while (and both are so cheap!), but we cloth diaper, and eventually, they weren't cutting it.

    now i use charlie's soap. i buy it online and it's pricey, but it has no fillers, i only use a tablespoon, and my clothes are super clean.

    my next plan is to try my own with borax and washing soda...we'll see.

    i love a good deal, too:)

  2. I am seriously jealous of that outlet mall - those prices on B&BW are GREAT!!
    Good smelling laundry - hmmm. Thankfully with our water, just about any detergent I buy seems to work fine. For scent, I just LOVE Gain Joyful Expressions Apple Mango Tango. I usually buy whatever is cheapest, but I've broken that for the Gain. I think it smells so good. Maybe it would work for you?
    Also, wanted to thank you for your tip for my non-focusing daughter ... it's good to know others struggle with similar things! I like your incentive chart idea.


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