This is a Test

I'm trying to add a widget to my posts and I need to see if it works. I'm thinking it will start working with this post and all other posts after. I've seen it on a few other blogs and would love to generate more interest or simply not let my archives collect dust. 
Today has been a successful morning. Don't you love those mornings? Hubby and I went to the gym at 6:00a.m. Friday's are the days I don't have my niece in the mornings and so after breakfast I enjoyed my coffee, helped the girls with school and spent about 2 hours cleaning floors, dusting, bathrooms and vacuuming the downstairs carpet. I just finished eating some leftover potpie for lunch....Yummy, and Nan and I played some games on the wii. I have some laundry to finish up and then I think I'll just hang low till my niece comes at 4:00. Though I do need to catch up on some tax input for this year. It works better for me if I keep track of things each month instead of waiting till the end of the year. 
Nan is going with hubby to play soccer this afternoon and Kat and I will hang at home and watch my niece. Then we'll head to the church for our Friday night worship (amazing, crazy fun times). Tomorrow morning Nan has an indoor soccer game at that crazy or what? We have to leave our house at 6:15. Kat has one (outdoor) at 1:00, so we'll probably just hang out in town. I need to return some jeans and maybe we'll shop around for a mirror for their bathroom. We live 20 minutes from the town they play in and so it's not always the best to drive back and forth.  The weather is supposed to be wet and rainy so Kat's game will be cold.
I purchased a kitchen mat a few weeks ago at costco and placed it in front of my kitchen sink. Well the other day I went to move it, and realized it was stuck to the floor. I finally got it pulled up but it left a mark on the concrete that I can't seem to get up. It is so frustrating. I love the mat because it is so comfortable, but if it's going to ruin my floors, then it's pointless. I have not figured out what to do yet. 
Well, I will leave for now. I need to charge my camera battery before I forget. 
With Joy UNquenchable,


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