So Excited....meeting a bloggy friend for the first time!

I'm so excited!! I have never met a blog friend in person, but that will all change the first week of May, if all goes according to plans. Quite awhile ago I did a Works for Me Wednesday Post on a Parenting Series. That sent Sarah from C and C Baby Factory my way. Both of us were fairly new to this particular series and both of us had visited Bethel Church in Redding, CA for some conferences. Yet we had never met. We then became Facebook friends, and chatted now and then on our blog comments or on our statuses on Facebook
Last week, or two weeks ago, I can't remember, she asked if I was going to a Leadership Advance in Redding coming up in May. At the time, I didn't know about it so I assumed we weren't going. Then last week hubby told me we were invited to go. I quickly let Sarah know that it looked like we were going to be attending and if they decided to go we could meet. Well....they already have their tickets. So once our trip is confirmed and we head down south I will actually get to meet a real blogging friend, who shares the same Kingdom Passion that I do. Whoo Hoo! When it comes to conferences, you never know what will transpire. But even if I simply get to sit in the lobby of the church and share a coffee with her, that will be enough.
Here's what's so awesome. I know that Sarah and her hubby are quite a bit younger than we are, but that's okay. Friendship knows no bounds. In fact several of our friends are young adults (probably because we've been in youth ministry for 16 years and many of our young adults started out with us in Jr. High). Friendship can happen at any level and any age. I cannot wait to meet Sarah. She is beautiful, has two beautiful children and has a passion for her family, college students, Jesus and life! I better bring my camera so we can share some pictures (C:
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. That is exciting's always nice when you find you have a lot in common with another blogger and then you have the opportunity to meet!


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