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I really don't like procrastinating, but it seems I'm doing it more and more lately, and it seems like I put off things for really no good reason. What is my problem? (That does not require a response, I'm just asking myself that question....LOL). For the past few days I've needed to sit down with the girl's school stuff and decide where they are at in regards to the end of the school year. How much school is left? Will they be doing school till kingdom come? Do we need to tweak some things in order to end in a timely manner? But I haven't gotten very far. I know that they have enough school left that it could take them to the end of June maybe longer. That is taking into consideration a break when my grandma is here visiting (and Ma if you read this, it's really no big deal....or they may do some, who knows....we just want to be with you)...and also a few other days that Kat will be gone. That is after all the beauty of homeschooling.
I would like for their studies to be done by the second week of June because then we'll have a week of testing. I'm not a proponent of going all through the summer....I need a break! I've also realized that this has been a rough school year. Their grades are not what they could be, especially in a few subjects. For the first 3 months we had to daily drag our school to my in-laws so we could watch my niece in the mornings, plus we were trying hard to get in our house. We finally moved in and getting settled (so I know there were several days of no school), and still watching my niece (which takes up a lot of my attention). All of this added to whatever else life threw my way led me to completely procrastinate correcting tests and quizzes ( chiding here please...I've already beat myself just happened and it all got put on the burner). Now, though after catching up on correcting everything, I realize that in a few subjects it wasn't lookin' purty. I am actually giving them the chance to go back and try and "make up" some of those. If they do, I'll change the grade, if they don't, well than it stays. I think it was all a lack of focus on their part and my lack of keeping up on it. 
We had a parent/teacher/student conference this morning in our jammies on the couch. I laid out the situation and what I felt needed to happen. They are both smart girls and good students so I know it can be done. I explained that I was sorry for dropping the ball on my end. Babysitting my niece can be very overwhelming for me while trying to do school and keep up the house at the same time. Mrs. Darling, if you read this....I don't know how you do it...please come teach me (C: I will probably only be watching my niece for another month or so, but that's still alot of school days so I need to be able to be focused as well.
So here I sit on this beautiful sunny day, inside, in my chair, with school books at my feet. Sigh....I think I'll go eat some potpie and order some avon!
I went shopping with Kat on Monday and had such a fun time. We drove into Clackamas Oregon to go to the Clackamas Town Center (Huge mall) and Promenade. I bought the above shoes and two shirts at Target, a belt at Kohls, and some Jeans at Penneys. They are by Liz & CO. and called Chelsea Jeans. They are so comfy!! I highly recommend them if you have trouble with Jeans...and I was able to buy a size 12 instead of a 14, so that made me really like them...of course I tried some 14's in another brand and couldn't get them on...okay, whatever!! My girls are so fun to shop with. I've always looked forward to the day when we'd do the "mall" thing together.
Okay, now I'm off to eat some potpie, order avon and go to youth group.
With Joy UNquenchable,


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    You might like to read this about procrastinating - it really encouraged me:



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