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FOR TODAY, March 9th, 2009..
Outside my window...Sun, snow, blue sky and clouds. It just can't make up it's mind. I am thinking...I wish this headache would go away. I am thankful From the learning rooms...taking a day off today! From the kitchen...hmmmm...not really sure. Waffles, hashbrowns and eggs were what was cooking this morning. Probably stir-fry for dinner. I am wearing...sweat pants and a t-shirt I am creating...DVD's from my video tapes. Pretty cool. I am going... to stay home today. Maybe take a drive to the local nursery and check out vegetable seeds. I am reading...sadly, nothing at the moment. Need to take time for this. I am hearing...silence at the moment. Around the house...dryer and washing machine are running, my youngest is playing with her Polly Pockets in her room and I'm enjoying some quiet. One of my favorite things...the anticipation of a new season. A few plans for the rest of the week: coffee with a friend in the morning, babysit, youth group, this and that.
Here's a Picture I'm sharing...Hard to believe she's 10 now.
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Hey Kirstin- love all the pictures of the girls! Two very cute-pretty girls! They are growing up too fast!!! Thanks for letting us know about MA coming out...we will have to see what we can do!?!?


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