Menu Plan Monday

Last week the menu plan went fairly well. Our friend didn't have her baby so the fettuccine alfredo is back on the menu. Today I'm taking my oldest daughter and two of her friends up to Mt. Hood to snowboard, so dinner will probably be eaten on the way home and hubby and our youngest can have whatever they want, or they may go to his parents for dinner. The rest of the week will hopefully include the following:
  • Homemade pizza with salad
  • Chicken and veggie tacos
  • salmon with asparagus and rice
  • chicken with potatoes and veggies
  • Dinner at a friends house
  • Hopefully fettuccine alfredeo
  • 7 layer salad with chicken
I'm hoping that today while I'm up at the mountain sitting somewhere while my girl and her friends snowboard, I can update my sidebars with recipes, and I'll come back here and put some links to a few of my time right now as I'm making waffles and lunches for everyone. So please check back later this afternoon....probably will be up by noon or one!
In the meantime, get other great ideas for meals over at Or. junkie.
With Joy UNquenchable,


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