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My hubby and Kat went shopping yesterday. One of their stops was Costco. And when hubby goes to Costco, you never know what he'll come home with. But I don't mind because he usually brings me something! 
These storage baskets are really cool. They came in a box of 3 for $20.00. They work great on my pantry shelves. 
I love this rug. I saw it on someones blog ( I can't remember which one now) and I asked Kat to see how much they were. They were only $10.00 so they got me one. I was torn between this one which is like an Italian cafe scene, or one with espresso cups all over it. I like this one! It's really cushion-y (C: Wipes up easy and looks good!
There are so many other things at Costco I like. In fact I could decorate my whole house from there! They also came home with a few movies, an electric pencil sharpener, a pressure washer and hubby bought a desk for his office at work. He got a great deal on it too because it was the floor model. I think originally it was $500, and the floor model was marked down to $300 and then because there were just a few "dings" got it for I think $250ish. Pretty good!
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. I love Costco too....I saw those mats too and thought about getting one for my laundry room...I still might!

  2. Oh is anything more exciting than a Costco run! I love that place.

    That rug is really nice.


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