I needed a day like this

I'm waiting for some bread dough to rise in the oven and I thought maybe I'd shoot out a post. I'm making turkey burgers on homemade buns tonight. It wasn't on the menu, but Kat really wanted it and burgers always sound yummy, so that's what we're having. 
It was a pleasant day today for the NW. It drizzled off and on, but it wasn't cold and when it wasn't raining it was a nice day (no sun, or blue sky, but remember I live in the NW). I spied a Stellar Jay in my tree and he was gracious enough to sit still so I could take a few pictures. 
My niece was really good and fun today. Not that she isn't that way all the time, but, well, she isn't always that way. Yes, I know she's a baby...but I haven't had a baby in 10 years, I'm out of practice. She even let me take some pictures of her outside, before she almost fell out of the chair and onto my concrete porch...that wouldn't look good now would it!
Everything has gone fairly smooth and I needed this kind of day. I have been feeling "blah" since yesterday. Not sick, but that female thing, and it starts a week before and it's not always fun. I barely worked out this morning and couldn't get motivated to do much else, so having everything else go well was very needed. Kat is at soccer practice, hubby at work, and Nan is playing outside with a friend. I better go check the bread dough. Maybe I'll exercise some tonight, or maybe I'll just pamper myself and do whatever I feel like. 
With Joy UNquenchable,


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