You Do What You Can!

I'm sitting in the doctors office waiting room....using their internet. Hubby has an appointment and I brought my computer along hoping they'd have internet access. Guess what? They do! When you don't have easy access to the internet, you do what you can, and use what you can. 
We had a great weekend. Saturday was another nice day, so I cleaned up around the house, cleaned the refrigerator and did a bit of picking up around the house. Sunday I finally got rid of our trampoline. Our homeowners insurance won't cover us if we had it, so off it went to another good home. 
Today is filled with doctors appointments and then we are going out to dinner for a friend of ours who is celebrating his birthday. I'm thinking that I won't get much housecleaning done today. Kat goes in later this afternoon to have her wrist checked again after injuring it last week. We are declaring that nothing is wrong with the growth plate. I truly think she just sprained it.
This week is grocery week, so I really need to sit and plan my grocery list. I'm also calling a few internet companies to come out and see if I can get access. This is really turning into a thorn in my side!
A few weeks ago we purchased a "machine" that will let us plug our video cameras into it and turn our tapes into DVD's. I'm hoping to try using it this week.
I guess not much else is new around here. I sometimes feel like I need to get a much more exciting life, or else have some of you write my posts. 
Yesterday we watched the movie Fireproof. I can say though I only watched about 1/4 of it since I was making lunch and cleaning up lunch, but what I did see was really good and I hope to watch it in it's entirety today. What was hilarious is that my hubby (who is not prone to outbursts of laughter) and a friend of ours (a guy) went from fits of laughter to even having tears in their eyes! Wow!! 
I truly love being in our new home, serving meals and entertaining in it. Tomorrow my new comforter set should arrive and if I love it, I'll post a picture tomorrow night. 
Well I better go get caught up with some of you while I have the time.
With Joy UNquenchable,


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