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I'm finally down at the church on a Monday so I can post my Dayplanner....we are still without internet at our house. Hop on over to The Simple Womans Dayplanner to see what everyone else is up to.
Outside my is cold, cloudy and rainy. A far cry from what it was like last week.
I am thinking...."I wish I had new internet at my house, and I wish this headache would go away".
From the Learning Rooms....more of the same, but this week they get to do school with their cousins who are in town. I have a pile of things to grade.
I am thankful for....the life that God has richly blessed me with. 
From the Kitchen...not much today since we'll be gone alot and going out to eat tonight. I do want to make Mini Molten Chocolate cakes with the kids this week. Maybe while the cousins are here.
I am wearing....jeans, a brown t-shirt, white denim jacket and brown and pink shoes.
I am reading....a million e-mails that keep piling up in my "in" box
I am find an internet company that works at our new house.
I am creating....nothing at the moment...I am going to start turning my video tapes into DVD's though with a new machine we got.
I am hearing.....the clock ticking and a podcast from my hubby's office.
Around the house....I need to finish up laundry.
A few plans for the week....go to dinner, take hubby and oldest to the doctor, babysit and speak at our youth group on Wednesday.
A picture (or two) I'm sharing....our exciting snow day last week....and one of the reasons I didn't get to post here last Monday. I had it all planned too...I was going to share how I was posting at a snow lodge, looking at a mountain full of skiers....nope...didn't happen.
Apparently life is not exciting enough for my oldest daughter (13). And apparently she thinks we need a little more excitement as well. While snowboarding last Monday she decided it would be fun to ride down the mountain on a medic sled instead of just snowboard. Okay, she didn't really "decide" to, but that's what happened. Click Here for the story.  I couldn't leave my youngest (9 3/4) out since she had to sit and wait for her big sister to come down the mountain and since she didn't get to go inner tubing  like planned because her sister thought it would be more exciting for all of us to dramatically wait at the bottom of a snowy mountain for her. More pictures of her day in the snow here.
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. I'm sorry that you have a headache. I pray that it will quickly subside.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and may your week be filled with many blessings!


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