Poppin in....again

I had to come down to the church with my hubby and girls while they finish some video editing and then we go pick up our car. I figured if I have to wait I might as well bring the computer and shoot out a post. 
How is everyone. I think I'm going to be soon searching for a new internet provider. Unfortunately it'll probably cost twice as much as what I'm paying now,  but we seriously need to have it at our house. But enough with the internet stuff.
Today after church we hosted 6 people in our home for lunch and just hanging out. What fun we had. We had a hubby, wife and their son and then three of our older bachelors (over 40). I served my 4 cheese fettuccine, salad, bread and for dessert, peanut butter pound cake. They all asked what they could bring so I let them supply the salad, bread and drinks. That was nice on my grocery budget. We enjoyed great fellowship, good food and then all watched Kung Fu Panda! My house has pretty much recovered, though I have a few things to do still and two loads of laundry that need to be dried and folded. 
Tomorrow we are heading up to Mt. Hood for the day. Kat is going to snowboard with some friends, and Nan and a friend are going to go inner tubing. Seeing as I don't have any snow gear, I think I'll be sitting in the little cafe with my computer and a few books. I think I'll be fine with that (C: I'm speaking at youth group on Wednesday and so would like to take some time to prepare for that. 
I finally ordered a comforter set....oh, I think I already said that the other day....okay...just ignore me on that one. I feel so out of the blogging loop!! Hubby built me a compost bin yesterday....I might have said that too, but I can't remember. I talked to my neighbor about my garden. He said I should have another neighbor up the road come and turn the soil with his tractor and pull behind tiller. I need to remember to go talk to him. He raises llamas, so maybe I'll get some manure from him too. 
Not a whole lot has been going on, just the same day to day. No drama, no frustrations. Just lots of life and it's been good. Yesterday I was grocery shopping and I was in the aisle with the "toiletries" and "feminine products". This boy approaches me and asks for my help. He said his mom was sick in the car and sent him in to buy her some "stuff" and he wasn't sure what to get. It was so cute. He was embarrassed, but I tried to help him with as little "hoop-la" as possible. Right after that, there was an older lady in the same aisle by the toothbrushes and I could tell she was having a hard time reading the packaging. She turned to me and said "so, are you helping people today?" I said, "sure, why not". It seems her granddaughter went on another aisle and she's supposed to be this older ladies "eyes". So I proceeded to help her find the right toothbrush for the right price. That has happened to me a few other times. I don't know if I just look approachable, but I truly will go out of my way to help someone. There was a woman one time in dollar tree who couldn't see very well and I walked around the store looking for something she wanted. Now that I think about it, I should have prayed for them also, for their sight to be restored. 
I doubt I'll get a menu plan up tomorrow, but we'll see. If I can get some type of internet connection at the mountain, I'll do some posting while everyone snowboards and inner tubes. Of course my camera will come with me and I'll get some pics....I hope.
Off to check in on some of you before I have to go. 
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Have a fun trip! Oh to just have a few snowflakes......
    Hopefully you'll get an internet connection up and running in your home so you can get back to doing the things you enjoy so much! :)

    Have a great week,


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