Poppin In

It's Friday night and I'm at the church for our Friday night worship service and thought I'd pop in and say hi. I'm really not sure what is going to happen with our internet. It's not looking good, so I need to research my other options, if I have any. So for now, my posting will be intermittent and subject to when I can access internet somewhere. 
Life has been good. I'm sure there are things I've been wanting to post, but at the moment I can't remember what they were. Ha!
Today I had the opportunity to go shopping with a friend. I have known this gal from church for a little over a year, and we really enjoy talking to one another. Finally we decided to go shopping. I'm so glad we did. One thing that has been a bit of a struggle is to really connect in close friendships. I read and hear of what so many other women are doing and realizing that I am really lacking in that area. Oh, I have lots of friends, but we never "do" anything, never just "call" each other. Everyone is so busy. So I took the plunge to reach out and make a new friendship. I think it'll be a good one.
I just got done ordering a comforter set  for our room. I am praying that it works and that we really love it. I have had such a hard time finding one. I'll let you know what I think!
Well, I better pay attention to our pastor. What he has to say is always really good. I'll try and pop in this weekend again. I really want to catch up with all of you!
With Joy UNquenchable,


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