Kitchen Tip Tuesday: Zatarains Rice mixes

I love serving Spanish rice with many of our Mexican dishes. But I was getting tired of the average brands I was finding and honestly wasn't liking the homemade versions I tried. I was at a friends house one day and she served a meal with Red Beans and Rice. It was from Zatarain's. I'm telling you. I fell in love with it. I used the Red Beans and Rice or the Black Beans and Rice to fill tortillas for veggie burritos or just as a hearty side to a meal. Recently I tried out their Spanish Rice and that too was pretty amazing. When  I make mine I replace the can of tomatoes with some mild chunky salsa and the flavor is just so much better. I probably use half a jar of salsa for a box of rice. You can visit www.Zatarain' for more information on their products and possibly to find a store near you that carries it. I forgot to look at the ingredients as compared to Rice-a-Roni, but I think the ingredients were slightly better. 
Also...last week I posted on the Better than Bouillon product I bought. I finally used it and I love it. The flavor is great. I've used it in soup and then tonight in my chicken potpie, and on Sunday I made gravy with it. It will be a keeper in my kitchen. 
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