Internet is still down.

Well folks, my internet is still down at home and the only way I can post is if I'm somewhere else (like the church, where I'm at right now). I feel so alienated from all of you. I can go online from my iphone (which I got two weeks ago and love), and I can read your blogs and comment but it takes time and I just haven't done it much. I haven't forgotten you or dropped off the face of the earth. Please don't leave me....LOL
We had a bit of snow today which was beautiful. I'm still in the process of hunting online for a comforter set (any suggestions). I've a found a few possibilities at, and am looking at a few other places. 
Things are going well, other than the internet issue. Today I made "Chocolate Soy Panna-Cotta"...chocolate soy pudding. If it turned out good I'll post the recipe tomorrow night. 
Well just wanted to touch base. I miss my daily visits with all of you and know I have a lot of catching up to do. It's kind of funny  not having internet. You feel almost like you are out of touch with the rest of the world. I feel like I'm in the "pioneer days"...I sad huh? I only have a few more minutes so I better get back to searching for a comforter, and maybe take a few minutes to pop in on all of you.
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Sorry to hear that your internet is down. I totally know what you mean about feeling disconnected without internet. When we first arrived in AL, we didn't have internet for 3.5 months! The only connection we had was the library about once a week. Ugghh! Of course, I wasn't blogging then, so it wasn't as bad. LOL!
    Hope you get connected again soon.


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