Works for Me Wednesay: Reducing Garbage

When we moved into our new home, we had to decide whether we wanted to pay for garbage service. We don't live in the city so it is not required of us. We decided to forgo the usual roadside pick up and decided to use the dump instead. However we are trying to save money where we can and did not want to make weekly trips to the dump. We live on two acres and my hope is to have a garden this year.  We are also allowed to burn on our property. This provided two great opportunities to reduce our garbage accumulation.
Our solution  was to reduce the amount of "garbage" that went into the garbage can. We've done this by creating two other bins. One for burnable material (which fills up quickly), and the other for items that can be composted. This has greatly reduced the amount of stuff that needs to be taken to the dump. Kat is responsible for burning and Nan usually takes out the compost. I really notice it in the area of burnable materials, since those things are always being thrown away. 
I was recently in Ikea and saw these super cute lidded containers. I want to go back and buy one for the compost material. This way I can actually keep it outside my door so it doesn't create any strange odors if not dumped daily.
Head over to Rocks in my Dryer for more great ideas. 
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  1. This is great! We also live on 2 acres and don't want to go to the dump often so we are planning on composting. I am worried about having a bin on our back porch because of the smells, you mentioned a new container on the porch but where are you keeping your compost currently? Thanks!

  2. Good for you! I've been wanting to compost. Throwing away veggie scraps seems like such a waste when it could be turned into such great fertilizer for a garden. I just need to convince Hero! :-)

  3. We live close to town so we get the city recycle out here. Your idea is a good one though,

  4. Thank you for sharing this. I am trying to cut our garbage down. It's crazy how much we have each week.


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