Two Awards

I was so blessed in the last few days to receive two awards. I'd probably do  a better job giving them out, but honestly, I don't know where to find them. I mean, like, is there a general site that you can take awards from or something?
This is a good time for me to sit and give them out to others because I have a darling two year old laying by me on the couch trying to fall asleep. Okay, so she's not trying very hard. I'm trying to get her to take a nap. Her mom and dad go to our church and own one of the many local coffee shops. They needed someone to watch her for awhile and we said sure!! I might be a little crazy because I said okay while still watching my 5 month old niece (whom I'd had overnight....and thus got little sleep). But this little sweetie is no problem except that she always wants "uppy"!! I love how little ones talk! So now, we're  chillin on the couch watching a Hillsong Kids DVD (Supernatural). My house hasn't been cleaned much...I did manage to get the kitchen cleaned, and thankfully there's not much else to do. 
Nan is playing on the other computer...Kat went snowboarding (I've been praying for her all afternoon) and hubby is at the office playing catch-up!
On to the Awards. I was blessed to receive two and I'm blessed to give them away. It's always so hard to decide who and so honestly, feel free to grab it if I missed you. text was black, and then when I added the link to Mrs. D, it turned blue..strange.
I'm passing this award on to 7 others that I really enjoy and who inspire me daily.
I know that some may not be into giving awards and that's okay, they really do take time to give away since you need to link to the blogs and let everyone know you awarded them, so if you ladies do not have time, no worries, just enjoy the gift.
The next Award is the Lemonade Award. It is given for great attitude or gratitude. I thought of it also as being able to take Lemons and Make Lemonade. 
This award goes to:
Janelle at Now Play Happy
Shirley at Alabama Times
Mrs. Darling at Dishpan Dribble
Phew! That was alot! Now it's time to go let these folks know. I'll be back later with a snowboarding update on Kat. 
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. You are so sweet! I appreciate it :). I will be passing these on. Thanks!!!

  2. Thank you so much - how very sweet of you! I'll be passing it along - hopefully this week :)
    Stay dry!

  3. ps - fyi - I was trying to visit your other recipients and your links aren't working properly. It looks like your address got included in your link.

  4. You are too sweet...and very deserving of these awards! Thanks for popping over to get me...I'm feeling a bit better but haven't done much visiting!

    Thank you so much for the award!!

  5. Thank you very much. I really appreciate it. I have not been very good at passing awards along, but I will try this time. Thanks again. I hope the flooding is better where you are.

  6. thank you thank you - so very kind of you. and yes, i wish you could have known about the dots for the girl's rooms. i was SO happy ... lol.
    happy sunday!

  7. Congratulations on the awards! And thank you so much for passing on such a pretty one to me! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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