Successful Snowboarding Trip

Yesterday Kat went snowboarding. She went with a couple of our youth leaders and about 4 others. She was excited to go, and yet nervous because she hasn't actually tried snowboarding on an actual mountain, riding the lifts and all. And she was worried about slowing others down. She invited one of her friends to go too so that she'd have someone her level with her. That ended up being a good thing because they were the only two girls. She would have been fine had she been the only girl, she knew everyone well, but it helps to have another girl. 
She had orders when she left that she was never to let her snowboard out of her sight. It's a top of the line one, cool looking and probably an easy target to get stolen (one of the guys who went yesterday had his board stolen awhile back). We packed her food, made sure she had plenty of warm clothes and sent her off. I prayed for her all day. She came home and when I unpacked her food it was all still there! She must have been so busy she didn't take time to eat. Unless she bought snacks there because we had given her some extra money.
She arrived home at 11:30 last night, tired, sore, but glad she went. The leaders who went are great young men who took time to show her how to ride the lifts, turn, fall, etc...they went with her a few times, and as her confidence grew let her and her friend go on their own. Kat had a blast. We'll see how she feels this morning. Sadly, since it was all guys who went and Kat doesn't have a camera, I doubt any pictures were taken. We hope to take her a few more times this winter so she can get a little more confident in it all.  
I babysat most of the day yesterday and my two nephews came over to play the wii with Nan, one of them spent the night. We headed to my inlaws around 6:30 for dinner of roast, potatoes and was yummy! Today we're having company over for chili and cornbread. 
I asked my grandma (Ma as I call her) what we called the fried biscuits. She couldn't remember where the name "pizza fleet" (which is what we called it) came from so she called one of her aunts. They actually called it "papabagie" growing up so the other term may have come from my grandpas side of the family. we both took time looking it up and fried is "fritte" in Italian and dough is "pasta", or pizza is "pizze", so maybe it was "pizze fritte" and someone just couldn't pronounce it. or "pasta fritte". Someone gave me an old Italian cookbook and one suggestion for the pizze fritte was to fry the dough and sprinkle it with sugar and honey. Anyways, it was fun to try and figure it out. 
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  1. Wow, what an exciting day!

    Thanks for the award. I've got one for you too!



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