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See the photo to the left? It's my new love. Hubby and Nan went to Safeway the other night and brought home some icecream. One was coconut....eeewwww gross. But the other, this lovely green and white concoction is Green Tea Ice Cream with a vanilla Swirl, by Safeway Select! I thought at first this was an odd flavor, but then I tried it....oh my GOODNESS!! It was so good. I'm not a huge ice cream fan, as in, I love it, but don't have to have it. This would be an icecream I'd have a hard time staying away from. It's got such a yummy flavor. You have got to go out and try it. 
Today I took Kat to the doctors because she has been complaining of pain in her rib area for about a week. Turns out she just strained the muscles really bad when she went snowboarding. That's a good thing. We also had three loads of gravel delivered for our driveway this morning. Hubby spent the day spreading it. It looks so much nicer. We have someone coming out next week to talk to us about concrete. We're trying to decide which to do, concrete or blacktop for the driveway...any thoughts?
I've been meaning to get all my paint down from storage and put it into smaller containers, but I haven't had time. Yesterday we spent most of our time doing odds and ends and trying to decide where to hang pictures. It's a tough decision. I need someone to come to my house and help me.  We did get wireless thingies for the other two computers so they can connect to our internet. It's not as fast as my laptop with built in, but it works. 
Well I must go finish dinner. I'll post more tomorrow. I'm reading a new book and I'm sure I've forgotten something...
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. hello blogging friend! how are you? how are you liking your new home? has the weather warmed up? do you have a facebook account? it's really fun and safe....


    have a great week!


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