Menu Plan Monday

Our week of going easy on the meat went well last week. I made a yummy stirfry (next time I'll add.... uh oh...drawing a blank, but the bean sprout things, and chowmein noodles), we also had a spinach and potato frittata which turned out good, a little dry, but still good. I served that with a really yummy green salad. A few days we just had "whatever" since we were busy. 
This week on the menu: Sorry for not having any links. I'm too tired right now to go through and find the links....there has to be an easier there?
Monday: Going to my inlaws. Our town opened a Church's Chicken, so we may get chicken from there and have that and salad.
Tuesday: salmon, veggies, and brown rice or potatoes
Wednesday: Bean and spinach soup. Same one I made a few weeks ago (posted it on my Yummy soup week post) minus the ham. With Salad and some homemade bread sounds good.
Thursday: Either Leftovers or I'll make another stirfry this time adding some chicken
Friday: Another salmon dish. 
Saturday: ?? Depends on what we do for the day.
Sunday: company, so possibly fettucini alfredo with lots of toppings for options. Shrimp, chicken, broccoli, mushrooms. With crusty garlic bread and salad. 
I Think I'm going to try to find a way to post my individual recipes in the sidebar...just need an hour or so to do it. 
Last week I bought a loaf of yummy french bread. In a bowl I combined some butter, parsley and crushed garlic. Then I sliced the bread into thick slices and spread one side with the garlic mixture. I placed them on my pampered chef large stone bar pan and baked. They were so crunchy on the border and tender in the middle that I think I'll do my garlic bread this way every time.
Head over to organized Junkie for more menu ideas. Feel free to browse through my recipe posts for more ideas. 
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Yum, this all sounds wonderful :)

  2. Hi Kirstin, your menu sounds are so organized. I just decided what we are having tonight and I can't tell you what we are having tomorrow! LOL



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