Menu Plan Monday

Hubby asked me if we could tweak our menu a bit for the next few weeks to include more meals with no meat and more veggies. I'm also wanting to incorporate more juices/smoothies into our daily eating. Fresh made juices and smoothies.
We are both wanting to lose weight. I'm happy to say I haven't gained any weight since ending our Biggest Loser, and have actually lost about another pound and the inches are dwindling. But I want to be consistent as does my hubby. He struggles a bit more with self control and has made some requests in order to help him in this. Self control isn't as hard for me, but I'm willing to help him out.
This menu may get tweaked this week because I really want to take time to browse all the other menus for ideas, and the internet for great recipes and tips. This morning we stopped at my inlaws after working out and my MIL had just made some juice in her juicer. It was so yummy. A combo of grapefruit, apple, grapes, spinach and carrot. Yummy!!
So for this week:
Spaghetti: Because I'm making it already for a family at church.
Minestrone Soup
Veggie Stirfry
Veggie and rice stuffed peppers
potatoe frittata
Not sure on sides or anything else at this point.  I would love to hear some of your favorite links, recipes or ideas for incorporating more fruit, veggies, etc..into daily meals. 
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. My daughter loves carrots, so I make simple glazed carrots whenever a veggie is called for.

  2. hello my blogger friend :) even though i feel i actually know you :) thank you for the wonderful award. i wish you could see the smile on my face....we just returned from a trip to CA. had an amazing time. i'll post the details soon.

    have a very blessed week!



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