Donuts and weather update

First a weather update. Floodwaters seem to be receding and there is no rain in the forecast for a few days. This link will take you to some pictures of the flooding around Washington State. Look to the right of the page and click on the photo galleries labeled Washington flooding.  We are located in SW Washington. Towns near us are Kalama, Longview, Kelso, Vancouver, Woodland is where we are. There are some pictures of Snoqualmie Falls, that is where I grew up. My friend Janelle over at Now, Play Happy was unfortunate and her home partially flooded. She is planning on posting pictures. I-5 is still closed to Seattle as are any alternate routes, which means flying is the only option. Maybe we'll be returning to some form of normal.
Now on to the donuts. Nan loves donuts. Growing up we used to make donuts with refrigerator biscuits fried in oil. I'm not a fan of frying...well, okay, I actually love fried food, I just don't "fry" food myself. But the other day I bought a few containers of biscuits for the girls to make homemade donuts. This morning we looked up Paula Deens way of doing it (mainly for the frosting recipe) and we made donuts. My grandma and mom called them something else, but I don't know how to spell it. 
Setting the dough on a board.
We simply poked holes in the middle because I didn't have anything small enough to cut them out with. Simply fry them till golden brown on both sides in hot oil.
Fried and ready to frost or dip in sugar (which is my favorite)
Nan dipped hers in chocolate and sprinkles. Yummy! We combined powdered sugar, cocoa, milk and vanilla.
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. This is how I make donuts too :)

  2. Sandra,

    I actually tried to find out how you did it on your blog, but couldn't find it. That's where I originally found them.

  3. Glad the rain has let up!
    I'm going to have to try donuts like that - they look yummy! Do they come out cake-y or more like the yeast donuts? I'd imagine they would be more yeast-like, but want to know for sure. I'm thinking they would be yummy with a glaze just like Krispy Kreme!

  4. So relieved to hear you have not been affected in an adverse way!
    But what a blessing to stay indoors and make such delicious looking goodies with your daughters!
    Krispy Creme has nothing on you girls!! :)

  5. And here I am making them from scratch? Can someone tell me why? LOL

  6. Mrs. D,

    I actually would like trying to make them from you have a recipe. They are actually best if eaten right away. Maybe because they're actually biscuits, they just don't taste as good later on.


    they are more yeast like, but need to be eaten fairly quickly. They're best when they are warm...kind of like a Krispy kreme (C:

    I can't seem to visit your blog any longer. It will not allow me to )C:

  7. Yummy donuts!

    I am sorry that you all have had so much rain to the point of flooding. We have had a similar situation here in Alabama. The kids were out of school earlier this week from all of the flood waters.

    I left a little something for you over on my blog. Stop by am=nd take a peak.

    Keep dry,

  8. We make those donuts, too - haven't for a while though - yummy! I use an apple corer to make the holes - the circle is just the right size. And we like to shake ours in cinnamon-sugar. Great pics!!


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