Delurking Day: A day late

Yesterday was apparently De-lurking Day. I found this out from Sandra over at Diary of a Stay At Home Mom. I'm not usually a "lurker" unless I just don't have time to comment. A lurker is one who reads blogs, forums, etc...but doesn't participate or comment. Now this is fine, but sometimes it's nice to know who is out there reading your stuff. Granted my stuff isn't always that exciting, but I don't really care...I like to keep family and long distance friends updated on life. I don't mind if my family lurks. I really don't mind if anyone lurks. It would be nice, however, if the lurkers would pop in now and then and say HI!
When Sitemeter appears in my e-mail to tell me how many people have viewed my blog, visited, etc... I wonder....where are all the comments? Is it possible to get comment envy? One blog may have 15 comments regularly, unless your Pioneer Woman who gets hundreds, even thousands everyday. Hmmmmm.....well anyways, if you are a lurker, feel free to come out of the lurking closet and say hi! If not, I'll just keep on blogging away entertaining whoever stops by...or thinking I'm entertaining them. 
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. LOL LOL on the pioneer woman comment. I feel the exact same way, I mean I like her blog and think she's a great writer but hundreds and hundreds of comments? LOL

    I'm here, signing in, love your blog :)

  2. I'm not a lurker, but I don't always comment - I love your blog and can't wait to try some of your recipes. You know, in a couple of years when I have a "real" kitchen :)

  3. I just sorta stumbled on in to your blog. I don't even remember how. I have enjoyed popping in from time to time to read. I admire all of the brave people out there who have blogs. I don't have one yet, but I'm getting very close to taking the plunge. I admire the transparency and vulnerability of those who have blogs. We'll never know until the end who we have touched and what impact our words and lives have made.


  4. i know! i rarely get more than two's ok though :) i enjoy the ones i do get and look forward to hearing from you :)

  5. Ever since I found out about Google reader, I have been poor at commenting!!

    I do read a lot, though! And hope to meet one day!!

    I had to laugh about PW, too. Mainly because I would never bother to comment on someone's post who gets hundreds of comments. And probably partly out of envy, since I get excited if I have one comment :).

  6. Oh boy, I'm fessin' up to being one of your lurkers. I have found so many blogs that I enjoy and check on just about daily (yours being one of them). I don't comment - I'm not sure what to say, so I'll say "hi" and thanks for sharing!!

  7. Thanks those whom don't usually comment for "fessing up" I really don't mind when people don't comment, it was mainly curiosity (C:

    Be blessed,

  8. I am a lurker and I want to say hi! :-)



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