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Wow! What a crazy week it's been. I have not had time to just sit and write much. I thought I'd drop in this morning as I sit with my cup of coffee, my Bible, and the current book I'm reading and catch up just a little. I'm also making hashbrowns for my hubby and both girls had friends spend the night so this post could take awhile to get finished. Yesterday I was listening to an audio message by Jenn Johnson from Bethel church and it literally took me all afternoon to listen to it. 
This last week has been spent doing much around and out of the house. We've been getting some needed items for the house and taking time to put them up or get organized. We were borrowing our churches old projector to watch movies and play the wii and last Tuesday  the bulb died and cannot be replaced. We received our refinance money and we had already allotted some of that to go towards some purchases and the rest will go to starting the next phase of our house. We purchased a new Flat Screen TV, some dining room chairs, paid for our mattresses, got a stand to hold all our DVD's,  a few wall hangings and we're getting everyone new comforters. I'll take pictures of everything once it's all in place. It has all been chaotic lately, because life still goes on and there are still other things to do. 
I'm fighting a cold which could be why I've been so tired and not able to really get up as early as I'd like (which is why I haven't had as much time to post). 
Right now I'm reading a book by Patricia King called Dream BIG "How the second half of life can be the better half of life". I turned 40 in December and we had this book because hubby picked up a few when he was a conference in Arizona. She is talking about combating society's view that once you hit mid life, it's all down hill. How when we hit 40 we have "at least" half our life yet to live. And since we've already lived half our life, the other half has the potential to be the best because of all we've learned and experienced. So far (I'm not even through the first chapter) it is excellent. So much of it rests on our attitudes. She gives the illustration of two elderly gentlemen who always came into a medical office she worked at. Both were the same age, had similar physical conditions and had both suffered loss. But their attitudes were like night and day. One was extremely negative and thus people avoided him. The other was always positive and everyone loved him. Our daily confessions can bring life or death to ourselves and to others. I refuse to see aging as "going downhill". I'm going to embrace it and live it to the fullest. If I wake up every morning saying "I hate mornings"...guess what? I'm going to hate mornings. But if I start speaking out positive confessions, no matter how I feel, then eventually that which I speak will become truth.
I've also been challenging myself to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit. Reminding myself that He's always talking, I'm just not always listening. Even in my daily, busy life, He is speaking to me if I'll just stop and listen. I'm determining to not let things phase me. Life happens and I choose to embrace it and make the most of everyday whether it is going the way I planned or not. Yesterday did not go as planned, but that's okay...I'll still get things done and I'll enjoy this season.
Well, I should go clean up my kitchen now!! I'll hopefully post some pictures at the beginning of next week. 
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Kristin it sounds like good things are happening around there...lots of productivity and accomplishments. I have a cold too. Take it a little easy. This cold is really a bad one this year.


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