Works for Me Wednesday: PC Can Strainer

It's another Works for Me Wednesday at Rocks in My Dryer. There are always so many great ideas to be found there, you have got to check it out and even join in. Share what works for you.
Awhile back I purchased the Pampered Chef can strainer, but hadn't used it, till yesterday...I love it!
I love it for a few reasons. I also have their amazing can opener that breaks the seal so you don't have the sharp edges, but that makes for straining things like tuna fish very hard. And I'm constantly splashing myself with tuna juice when I try to drain it. I used it yesterday to drain the liquid out of my tuna and it was wonderful!!! It also makes draining things like beans a piece of cake! So whether you buy a pampered chef one  or buy another one, they work great and are a super time saver.
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. I recently got this too and is making life easier!!! Even my kids love it.

  2. God bless Pampered Chef!

    Oh how they rock!

  3. I should get one of these, I hate trying to squish the lid down on the tuna cans to get the liquid out *L*


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