Winter Wonderland

Okay, I was sooo desperate to share a picture with you that I really shrunk it down. I really need some help figuring out why with this particular internet provider my pictures will not load to blogger. We have Stephouse Line of Site (if anyone happens to have this I could sure use some advice. My hope is that you can click on the picture and see it in a larger size. **How didn't get larger....sorry**
We are in the midst of a winter wonderland. Starting at 7:30 this morning it snowed all day and all night. I believe we have about 6" of light, fluffy, powdery snow! It is a modern day Narnia and if I could load more pictures, I'd show you more. We have so many trees on our property and all are heavy with snow. We are in awe at the beauty of it all. Can you tell this is not a normal winter event for us. 
The girls did school this morning (as we were on vacation last week and they got a late start in the year). They did have "early release". By 1:30 they were out in the snow and stayed outside till around 5:30 when they came in for hot potato soup and fresh out of the oven rolls. The neighbor girl came over and they watched "Flicka" and ate popcorn. Tomorrow they look forward to snow wars and fort building. I hope to make some cookies and cinnamon dough ornaments. 
It is supposed to snow again tomorrow and then on Sunday. Our car does great in all this snow so that is wonderful. Hubby is able to get in and out and go to the store if needed. I'm content to stay home and "pretend" I'm snowed in, though I could really use a trip to the chiropractor. Hubby and a friend are on a "Matrix" marathon. I'm not into those movies so I'm hanging out in my kitchen cooking, cleaning and playing on the computer. The girls are working on school for the next hour and then we're going to chocolate cover some peanut butter balls they made yesterday. If I manage to go anywhere tomorrow I will try to load more pictures from our vacation and of the snow. Or....if you have a facebook you could find me and see pictures there...just e-mail me and I'll give you my name.
With Joy UNquenchable,


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