Sunriver Pictures....Finally!

I finally made it down to the church tonight and uploaded pictures into three different posts. Be ready to be inundated with pictures over the next few days. This first batch is from our Sunriver trip. Mostly of our day at Mt. Bachelor.
 This little cutie came with us for three days...with his mommy and daddy. He loves Nan. I mean really loves her. She loves him too. So much, that she was willing to put a pot on her head and let him bang away.
Kat did a great job trying to snowboard. In this picture we found a bit of a steeper hill for her to go down. She fell a bit more, but she kept at it.
Nan found this huge snowball. It was not easy for her to climb it. She sat on it for awhile then stood on it and jumped off.
making lots of snow angels.
These next three are backwards. So bear with me....we took our family picture and then everyone proceeded to dog pile on top of me...this is where I also lost my cell phone! After we got back to the house from the mountain I realized my phone was missing. Hubby and a friend were kind enough to go back up and look for it. And where do you think they found it? Yep...right where I landed! Next time, I zip my pocket after putting my phone in it.
Helping me up out of the snow...gee, how nice!
Dog piling on top of me!
Nans snowman....
She thoroughly enjoyed the snow that day.
She had nothing to slide on, so she used herself.
Getting ready to slide down a little bit steeper hill.
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. All the snow!! I am so jealous. We were blessed with 80' temps on Christmas Day :-(


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