Snow Days

Like I said, last night I went to the church and uploaded three posts worth of pictures. Hopefully the weather will mellow and I can do it on a more regular basis instead of all at once. We had the internet company come out yesterday and tweak things. It's a fairly new company and they are still working to speed things up. Hopefully by spring or summer things will be moving even faster.
These next two pics have nothing to do with snow, but I wanted to share them anyways. Yesterday during my grocery shopping excursion I went to dollar tree and found these cuties. They were 50% off so I bought six of them. I think they are so cute and I know I'll find somewhere fun for them next year. I was so inspired this year by all the homes I saw on many blogs and how creative the ladies were. Because I'm in a slightly bigger home things just felt and still feel bare. So I can't wait to creatively collect things.
My Pampered Chef products finally came. One item is not pictured and that is my large round stone, which arrived broken. I was so excited, yet disappointed because about 4 products didn't arrive with the order and my stone was broken. However, I do love the items I did receive and can't wait to use them. 
Onto the snow pictures. These are just some of our Christmas Trees on the property. It is not a "farm", but the previous owners had planted many and sold/gave them to friends and family. Some of these trees are over 20 years old and are absolutely huge. 
This picture was towards the beginning and the snow isn't as heavy as later in the week. All of the grass you see was eventually covered. Our poor little cedar trees that I planted last summer will need some tending as soon as this all melts. They are leaning over in desperate need of a serious uplifting.
The girls on their sled.
The girls and their friend sledding down the hill.
This little guy was hilarious. I was walking to check on the girls and came Across this little fellow. He was jumping up and hanging off the branches, releasing seeds to eat. I found it fascinating because I've always wondered how they did what they do! At one point he jumped up and when he landed on the snowy slope he proceeded to slide right down. I was laughing so hard I forgot to take any pictures. Video would have been better. But he kept at it.
This was probably getting towards the heaviest snow. I can't remember anymore. The tall trees are towards the back of our property.
Our lit up tree. This was at the beginning of the snow. Towards the end, you couldn't see the lights anymore.
Trees across the street and up the hillside.
Down our driveway. The road begins just past the tree on the left.
Our the front window. I believe we ultimately had over 20 inches. It was beautiful and fun while it lasted. Now we're ready for our rainy weather to return...well, okay, not really. I'd like to have no rain! There is fear of flooding now in several rivers. Our river has a dam and hopefully the attendants have done a good enough job regulating the water so that when it melts it will not cause flooding. We had a severe flood in 1996 that was just crazy. No one is in any hurry for another. 
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Wasnt that snow just the neatest thing ever? Loved these pics!

  2. great snow pix! i am using my 2 bar pan stones right NOW! in the oven! happy new years!

  3. My Mother-in-law gave my girls those same trees for Christmas. She pinned dollar bills to them and called them money trees. They were thrilled.

  4. What beautiful snow pictures! It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas with your girls.
    Happy New Year!


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