Menu Plan Monday

We had a great vacation last week and our vacation menu went amazingly well. The Chicken and Rice casserole did not get made, but I made it yesterday with some Trader Joes French cut beans and it was so good. It's one of those casseroles that is quick and easy to put together and is so rich and creamy.
The other hits were the bean and rice burritos we made. I purchased whole grain tortillas, Zatarains black beans and rice mix  and then we filled them with veggies and refried beans. Yum-O!! 
Now we are home and I have not gone grocery shopping yet. The weather is cold and icy with a bit of snow so I don't know when I'll get into town. I grocery shop in a town about 30 minutes away which at times like this can be a big fat bummer. But there's no way I'm shopping for all my groceries at Safeway. I'd never make it, that's for sure. So for the most part, this weeks menu will consist of things that I can use that I already have. At least until I can go shopping. 
In my mind that I could make:
Potato soup with homemade rolls and salad
Breaded chicken with rice and zucchini
minestrone soup
bowtie pasta with chicken and I could probably come up with a cream sauce or red sauce with it
Tuna casserole
White chicken chili with cornbread and salad (for Kat's birthday)
I think that should do it. If I can go shopping I'll probably add something with salmon to that list. Right now with it being so cold, soup sounds wonderful!
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With Joy UNquenchable,


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