Menu Plan Monday: Christmas Edition and Family Favorites

I am having problems loading the picture for Menu Plan Monday, so guess I won't worry about it. Head over to Organized Junkie for great menu ideas and other great organizing tips.
Our meals last week were a complete success. I realized as I was making the chicken cordon bleu that I did not have toothpicks to hold things together. We improvised by packing them tightly into the pan. 
The snow is making way to rain and it is cold outside, so I'm thinking a week of yummy warm, comforting foods. I'm also thinking "light" since we've done so much eating the past week or so. I will admit I feel like I did a really good job with self control!
Monday: Stirfry with rice (to use up some extra chicken I have and veggies and it's a fairly light meal.)
Tuesday: Grocery shopping and Nan is having a friend spend the night so I'll let her choose what she wants...may not be a  "light" night. Maybe tacos or chimichangas.
Wednesday: New years Eve Parties for Youth Group and Young Adults so no meal planned since we'll be eating lots there. 
Thursday: New Years day at friends house. I'll be bringing a salad.
Friday: Again a day of cards at friends house so we'll probably eat there.
Saturday: Bean and ham soup sounds good with crusty bread!
Sunday: Not sure. Maybe something in the crockpot.
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Mmmm...with tons of leftover ham we will likely make some bean soup sometime this week too.


    Great menu!

  2. I didnt do too badly with self control over christmas either. I love your plans for your coming week! I have a dinner on the first to attend and thats about it!

  3. Hi Kirsten, ;)

    Thank you so much for visiting and your kindness!
    I love to meet bloggers.

    Yours is wonderful and full of great recipes. I will be back her often. The cranberry and white chocolate cookies sound delish. I love cranberries!

    Please come visit anytime. You're always welcome! I'm adding you to my blogroll.

    Have a wonderful and blessed New Year.
    ~Warmly, Melissa :)


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