I know Christmas has been over now for nearly a week but I'm just now getting around to uploading my pictures. I realized I didn't take quite as many as I thought. Okay, I took quite a few but mainly gift opening and I'm sure you only want to see so many of those. No pictures of the meal or everyone eating, or of game playing...sorry, I got distracted. 
These pictures are also completely out of order....oops.   Kat playing the Wii...she either just lost or just won. Not sure. We all love playing this game and are getting familiar with the new games we acquired. They received one called outdoor adventure that has a foot pad. You have to run and jump, etc...that could give you a workout.  This was way after all the gift opening. The kids went out to play and we snapped some shots. My MIL got in on the picture and was sabotaged by one nephew and my youngest.
The cousins.
These four kids are amazing! They stagger in age from 15...or is it 14, 13, 11, 9 and they love each other deeply and have so much fun together.
We bought Kat a snowboard this year. We were going to wait, but we had the opportunity to get it now and decided we better do it. We had her open the boots first and then the bindings. The look said..."You're kidding right?" Actually on Christmas Eve she found a tag that i must have dropped for the store we got everything at and asked about it. I had to lie and say that we had picked stuff up for someone else and was holding onto it. I don't know if she believed me or not.
The family gathered around opening gifts...I really need to get some things on my walls!
We asked Kat to go get something out of the closet and her snow board was in there. At first she turned around and said "I don't think I was supposed to look in there". Then we told her, yes....she was, that was for her. She was very excited, but she doesn't always show a ton of emotion so the rest of the day she kept reassuring us that she really did love it. 
Nan recieved an ipod...she has no problems showing emotion!!
She loves Webkinz and got two of them.
Boots from sis.
What a fun day of gift giving, gift recieving, family and fun!!! Now it's on to a New Year filled with New Surprises. Can't wait.
With Joy UNquenchable,


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