A great trip coming to an end

Well our vacation is about to come to an end. We spent the morning in Bend doing some shopping and browsing, and as we drove back to the house it began to snow....HARD! It was beautiful, though we all dreaded the thought of driving home in it tomorrow. 
We came home, sat around the table playing cards. We've played alot of cards this week. We've played a lot of games this week, which we love! It has been a great vacation. Yesterday we drove up to Mt. Bachelor (20 minutes away) and played in the snow. Kat got to try out the snow board on some small hills we found. I'll post pictures later tonight or this weekend. She did a great job. I think it's something she'll pick up and love to do. The picture above was taken at the end of our time, we had a friend take some family pictures. I'll have some more posted this weekend. I actually lost my phone up there...and didn't realize it till we got back to the house. So Kevin went back up with our friend and found it. I'll tell you later how I managed to lose it.
 Note to self: Zip pockets when playing in the snow and your phone is in your pocket.
We leave tomorrow morning around 10:00. Please pray for safe driving conditions and protection over our family and friends. It is a four hour drive for us and I'd prefer it to not turn into a 6 hour drive due to the weather.
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. It was such a wonderful trip, glad you enjpyed it.

  2. Looks like you had a terrific time on your vacation.
    I look forward to see the photos.


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